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  • On the Road since '92

    Read our story

    When you've been on the Road for 25 years, you learn to tell a good story.

  • The World’s Most Versatile Acoustics

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    With our full line of compact, full-scale acoustic guitars, you can perform for a crowd or practice almost anywhere.

  • Road Warrior

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    Built for travel, our versatile line of electric guitars are sturdy enough for the road and small enough to stow in the overhead—but they're so satisfying to play, you may never leave your own room.

  • The Traveler Acoustic AG-450EQ

    Classic good looks with Traveler Technology and Style

  • Accessories for the traveling guitarist

    Check out our new TGA-3 Headphone Amp designed for electric guitarists on the go.

  • Bass Camp... Anywhere

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    Our lightweight, compact bass guitars let you take big low end into even the smallest of spaces

Traveler Guitar AG-105 Acoustic

Traveler Acoustic AG-105

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light


Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light (Antique Brown)

Ultra-Light (Antique Brown)

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Nylon

Ultra-Light Nylon

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Electric

Ultra-Light Electric

Travelcaster Deluxe (Black)

Travelcaster Deluxe (Black)

Travelcaster Deluxe (Surf Green)

Travelcaster Deluxe (Surf Green)

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Left-Handed

Ultra-Light Left-Handed

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Electric Lefty (Black)

Ultra-Light Electric Lefty (Black)

Traveler Guitar Original Escape Acoustic/Electric

Original Escape

Traveler Guitar Pro-Series Acoustic & Electric


Traveler Guitar Pro-Series (Antique Brown)

Pro-Series (Antique Brown)

Traveler Guitar Sonic L-22 (Sunburst)

Sonic L-22 (Sunburst)

Traveler Guitar Speedster Red

Speedster (Red)

Traveler Guitar AG-105EQ Acoustic/Electric

Traveler Acoustic AG-105 EQ

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Bass

Ultra-Light Bass

Traveler Acoustic CL-3EQ

Traveler Acoustic CL-3EQ

Traveler Guitar Pro-Series Mod-X

Pro-Series Mod-X

Traveler Guitar Speedster Hot-Rod Black V2

Speedster Hot Rod (Black) V2

Traveler Guitar Speedster Hot Rod (Red) V2

Speedster Hot Rod (Red) V2

Traveler Guitar Mark III Acoustic/Electric

Escape Mark III

Traveler Guitar Speedster Hot Rod Lefty (Red)

Speedster Hot Rod Left-Handed (Red)

Traveler Acoustic AG-450EQ Acoustic/Electric

Traveler Acoustic AG-450EQ

Traveler Guitar AG-200EQ Acoustic/Electric

Traveler Acoustic AG-200 EQ

Traveler Escape Classical Acoustic/Electric

Escape Classical

Traveler Guitar TB-4P Sunburst

TB-4P Bass (Sunburst)

Traveler Guitar Escape Mark III (Mahogany) Acoustic/Electric

Escape Mark III (Mahogany)

Traveler Guitar EG-1 Custom Gold

EG-1 Custom (Gold)

Traveler Guitar EG-1 Custom Left-Handed (Black)

EG-1 Custom Left-Handed (Black)

Traveler Guitar LTD EC-1 (Vintage Black)

LTD EC-1 (Vintage Black)

Traveler Guitar LTD EC-1 (White)

LTD EC-1 (White)

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